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ip network mask for fortinet interface

Set Addressing mode to Manual and set the IP/Network Mask to the private IP address that you want to use for the FortiGate. • If you need to. If Addressing Mode is set to Manual, enter an IPv4 address and subnet mask for the interface. FortiGate interfaces cannot have multiple IP addresses on the same. To verify IP addresses: · IP address and mask (if available) · index of the interface (a type of ID number) · devname (the interface name). 53 ERROR IN THE PUSH FUNCTION FILEZILLA

Enable a DHCP server for the interface. See DHCP server. You can configure the protocols that administrators can use to access interfaces on the FortiGate. This helps secure access to the FortiGate by restricting access to a limited number of protocols. It helps prevent users from accessing interfaces that you don't want them to access, such as public-facing ports. As a best practice, you should configure administrative access when you're setting the IP address for a port.

If configured, this option is enabled automatically. Allow FortiManager authorization automatically during the communication exchanges between FortiManager and FortiGate devices. Configure the interface fields: Interface Name Physical interface names cannot be changed. Alias Enter an alternate name for a physical interface on the FortiGate unit. The maximum length of the alias is 25 characters. You cannot change the physical interface of a VLAN interface.

Virtual Domain Select the virtual domain to add the interface to. Interface Members This section can have different formats depending on the Type. Members can be selected for some interface types: Software Switch or Hardware Switch : Specify the physical and wireless interfaces joined into the switch. Role Set the role setting for the interface. Different settings will be shown or hidden when editing an interface depending on the role: LAN : Used to connected to a local network of endpoints.

It is default role for new interfaces. WAN : Used to connected to the internet. Undefined : The interface has no specific role. When selected, Create address object matching subnet is not available. Estimated bandwidth The estimated WAN bandwidth.

Manual : Add an IP address and netmask for the interface. This option is only available on the low-end FortiGate models. One-Arm Sniffer : Set the interface as a sniffer port so it can be used to detect attacks. See One-arm sniffer. IPv6 addressing mode Select the addressing mode for the interface: Manual : Add an IP address and netmask for the interface. The interface will get the IPv6 prefix from the upstream DHCPv6 server that is connected to the IPv6 upstream interface, and form the IPv6 address with the subnet configured on the interface.

This option is available when IPv6 addressing mode is set to Manual. Enable this option to automatically create an address object that matches the interface subnet. IPv6 Administrative Access Select the types of administrative access permitted for IPv6 connections to this interface. This allows you to enforce bandwidth limits on individual interfaces. See Interface-based traffic shaping profile for more information.

Miscellaneous Comments Enter a description of the interface of up to characters. Enabled : The interface is active and can accept network traffic. Disabled : The interface is not active and cannot accept traffic. Click OK. Create or edit an interface. PING The interface responds to pings. Use this setting to verify your installation and for testing. Interface Name. Physical interface names cannot be changed. Virtual Domain. Select the virtual domain to add the interface to.

Go to Solution. You assign the interface a single address in the correct subnet. Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie! View solution in original post. I am not a network engineer but noticed we have two fortigates.. Furthermore, one uses an unusable Default gateway for a static route and another uses the last IP in the usable range? Thank you for any help - these Fortigates are unconventional to me in terms of how they define these interfaces, wizards and help lookup.

Cisco - no problem. Very clear. Makes sense, thank you both for confirming. I'm not sure why these existing ones use something completely different. They are working fine, but it struck me as strange how they were configured.

That is nice as it frees up address space you would have had to use otherwise for your WAN interface. Ultimately, that is why it confused me. I assumed it was I didn't realize this until i found the original documentation. Fortinet Community. Help Sign In. Fortinet Forum. The Forums are a place to find answers on a range of Fortinet products from peers and product experts.

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